Travelling. My experience so far.

Over a year ago, I quit my job, packed a large rucksack and said goodbye to England for a little while. I crave to go travelling more and more and I always find myself getting a feeling in my stomach for wanting to be out and travelling once again. However, I learned a variation of [...]


A new sort of direction.

Time has changed and I have changed it...almost It has been a while before I had the chance to get my words out and talk. Even though we are already in May and I feel like this year has been swept beneath the carpet to where the hell of earth has the time gone? Much [...]

Movie soundtracks that compose me.

I always find myself watching movies and sometimes being more moved by the soundtrack of the movie, rather than the film itself. This is not to say that I dislike the movie, sometimes the movie can be amazing in itself, but I have watched a variation of movies where I have greatly enjoyed the soundtrack [...]

Perfection is not it all.

It was if my fingers started to become dry and tired of this endless need to be perfect and continue the perfection of what comes in matters of life. The difference in life of what others need to be perfect and what others really do not is what makes a variety of people different. Thank [...]